When does registration begin?

Online Registration is open September thru November of each year.    Also, be sure to subscribe to us by entering your email address on the upper right side of our website –>.  This way you can stay informed about our program, events, and wrestling-related activities in our area.

When do practices take place?

Practices take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays (6:00 – 8:00pm) starting the first week in December.  There is a mandatory parent & coaches meeting the first Monday in December – the day before the first Tuesday practice.  The season ends the last week in February.

Where do practices take place?

Practices take place at Lenape High School (Medford, NJ) wrestling room north gymnasium entrance (Hartford Rd. side entrance).

What is the age range of participants?

The program is for all kids ages 4 – 14.  Age classifications are as follows: Tots (ages 6 and under), Bantams (ages 7 and 8), Midgets (ages 9 and 10), Juniors (ages 11 and 12) and Intermediates (ages 13 and 14).

What equipment is necessary for participation?

Wrestling shoes and headgear are mandatory.   These can be purchased online, or at a sporting goods store, such as Dick’s, Sports Authority, Modell’s, etc.  It’s a good idea to purchase these items prior to December because many of these stores run out of wrestling inventory by the end of December.   Headgear and proper shoes will be necessary by the end of the 2nd week of practice when we begin live wrestling drills.

Should I bring a water bottle to practices for my child?

Yes, having their own water bottle will expedite water breaks during practice.  There is a water fountain outside the wrestling room, but having your own water bottle means less time spent running in and out of the wrestling room and practice.

Do parents have to stay during practices?

For children ages 4 thru 6, we ask that parents remain in the room at all times.  Children at this age sometimes lose interest during the session or become distracted.  For all other children, parents may feel free to drop-off and come back.  We have an excellent group of coaches who will take good care of your children.

Do you need parent or sibling volunteers?

Yes!!  Without volunteers, we cannot exist. Selling concessions at home matches/tournaments is by far the MOST critical need we have.  Without concessions, we cannot raise the necessary funds to cover our expenses and sustain our program. If you have experience wrestling and are interested in helping coach, we would welcome your participation.  We also need parents to help provide assistance with our home matches (working scoring tables, computer skills – to help with Matchman software in preparation for or during tournaments, or any other possible skills you might be able to offer).     Parent and family involvement is critical to the success of our program.

How often do you have competitions with other township teams?

Team matches start the first weekend in January and take place on a Saturday or Sunday of each weekend thru the last weekend of February.  Most of the matches are within the local Burlington County vicinity.   Lenape typically hosts at least one 4-team match at Lenape HS, so your child will have several opportunities to wrestle in front of a home team crowd!!  The exact dates of the team matches will be known and communicated closer to the start of the season.

My child has never wrestled before.  Will they wrestle someone bigger and better?

No. Children are matched as evenly as possible by the following: skill, weight, age, and experience.   We make sure that our children only wrestle children with whom they are evenly matched.  We strive for our children to win 50% or better of the matches they wrestle.  This way they have the opportunity to learn from their losses, enjoy their wins, and improve and grow athletically.

My child is 3 years old,  but will turn 4 by December.    Are they too young?  Should I wait until next year?

No.  We welcome young 4 year olds.  The sooner they are involved in the sport, the better chances they will stay involved, learn the nuances, and excel.  We only ask that parents of children ages 6 and under remain in the room and remain cognizant of their children’s attention span.  In some instances, parents may opt to leave practice early if their children need a shorter practice schedule – we welcome and support this.

Who will be teaching and coaching my child?

We have several coaches, all of whom are 100% volunteers – most are parents with children in the program.  Some of our coaches do not have children in the program, but are participating out of the goodness and generosity in their heart – to them we are incredibly grateful!!  Most of our coaches are former wrestlers with strong performances at scholastic and collegiate levels.  There is tremendous comradery among our coaching staff.  Our goal is to teach your child how to wrestle, develop good sportsmanship, and become a well-disciplined and well-rounded wrestler.   Your child will learn great techniques, work-out hard, and (most importantly) have fun!

Do you work closely with the Lenape High School program?

Yes. We have an excellent working relationship with the Lenape High School wrestling team and coaching staff.  The Lenape High School coaches often come to our workouts and teach our kids moves and drills.  Many of the high school wrestlers (quite a few are past participants of the LJW program) will come to our workouts and help out in the room, teach moves, and provide technical assitance to our kids.   Many of our kids will also attend home high school matches and watch our high school wrestlers grapple with other teams.  This is a great way for our youth to see what their wrestling future might look like a few years down the road at the high school level!!

Do you have information about the basics of the wrestling?

We sure do.  We designed our Wrestling 101 guide specifically for parents who may be new to the sport and are interested in learning the rules, customs, and nuances of wrestling.  Often parents, new to the sport of wrestling, are bewildered when they watch their child wrestle their first few matches.   We’d like our parents to know exactly what’s going on during the match.  We also believe that a well-informed parent can make for a well informed wrestler — knowledgeable parents can discuss the sport with their children outside of the wrestling program, help their children prepare for matches, drill moves, and demonstrate to their children a geniuine interest in this wonderful sport.  Please feel free to print and share Wrestling 101 with anyone who might be interested in our program and in learning more about wrestling.

What is the cost to register my child and what does this cost pay for?

The cost of registration is $125 (1 child) and $200 (family – 2  or more children).  This equates to roughly  $41.50 per month during the 3 month season.  Covered by this fee are the following:

Team clothing – each child is given to keep (either a sweatshirt or workout shorts and shirt).
Use and maintenance of team singlets (to be retuned at the end of the season).
End of the season lunch banquet for the kids.
Mandatory program liability and medical accident insurance.
3 month facility rental of the Lenape HS wrestling room.
Helps defray cost of Lenape HS gymnasium facility rental and custodial charges for home matches/tournament.
Helps defray referee fees for home matches/tournament.
Home match/tournament equipment (digital scale, pa system, score cards and clocks, mat tape rolls, antibacterial foam, antibacterial wipes, etc.).
Grapevine Wrestling League annual dues and fees.
Miscellaneous program supports (program signs, website maintenance, wrestling software licenses, bank and postal fees, etc).

We are consciously committed to keeping program costs and registration fees as low as possible, because we believe every child should have the opportunity to participate in our program and in the sport of wrestling.