Wrestling 101

Are you new to the sport of wrestling?
Why is wrestling a life-skill sport that can enhance your child’s well-being off the mat?
Why do wrestling officials flip colored discs and what do their hand signals mean?
What is a takedown, reversal, and escape?
What does “neutral” mean and how is it determined?
How do wrestlers score points and how are those points assigned to each wrestler?
What is the difference between a fall, near-fall, and technical fall?
Why does a wrestling official count when a wrestler is on his back?
How are the number of back points assigned in a match?
When and why does an official blow a whistle?
Are you a wrestler, parent, sibling, or person interested in learning more about the basics of the sport?

This document is excellent reading on the basics of the sport – the what, the how, and the why.  Prospective parents whose children might be interested in participating will discover a useful and meaningful introduction to this wonderful sport.  Parents and young wrestlers currently involved, but perhaps a bit unclear about the nuances of the sport will also find this educational.  Please feel free share this document with other parents, friends, neighbors, etc., who might be interested in participating in our wrestling program.

 To view, you may need to download Adobe Acrobat .